Hong Kong Nightlife Industry Association

About us

The Hong Kong Nightlife Industry Association (HKNIA) was established in response to the highly challenging economic & operating environment in Hong Kong arising from the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on our industry. Our members include many employers and employees of bars, clubs, karaoke venues as well as associated nightlife vendors and service providers.


We aim to assist our members:

  1. To unite our group of affected businesses to create a robust platform from which to launch media campaigns and lobbying that aim to improve the operating conditions in our sector;
  2. To set the standard for the F&B industry on precautions, measures and practices on how to operate safely & responsibly whilst remaining open during traditional business operating hours;
  3. To demonstrate to the Government of the HKSAR that all HKNIA members are responsible actors to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in Hong Kong;
  4. To demonstrate to the Government of the HKSAR that our industry need not be mistreated nor have restrictions placed upon us that have not been imposed on other customer-facing industries; and
  5. By facilitating open and frequent discussions between our representatives and the Government to determine the impact of any restrictions placed upon our industry and find solutions before implementation.


HKNIA has positioned itself to be the voice of Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife & entertainment industry and to take a proactive, leading, cooperative role in promoting and maintaining a vibrant, thriving and responsible Hong Kong nightlife scene. We seek to influence the decisions of policymakers and ensure that the nightlife economy continues to flourish, whilst supporting regeneration and the creation of job opportunities.

Our service

  • Address and Resolve Concerns from Members (Liquor Licensing) 
  • Generate New Business Opportunities to Members (Suppliers)     
  • Training 
  • Enhance Community Relationships with the Government 

Code of Conduct

Together we aim to set an exemplary standard for our industry. Our industry has at times self-implemented more measures than what was required by the Government. As leaders in our field we pledge to implement the below measures to show the Government and the HK public that further restrictions on our industry are not required. We will also thereafter lobby for the relaxation of current restrictions.

Code of Conduct

  1. Electronic check-in logging (by QR-code or similar) for customers at all association outlets to allow for contact tracing – name, mobile number, email
  2. Body temperature screening of all guests and employees (<37.5°C or less)
  3. Regular monthly screening for frontline employees (should the government provide financial assistance for this)
  4. Tables spaced at a 1.5m distance or effective partitions between tables
  5. Follow maximum capacity rules
  6. Mask on for all customers whilst not eating or drinking
  7. Staff to wear face masks at all times
  8. Hand sanitizers conveniently provided for employees & customers
  9. Regular cleaning & disinfection for tables, partitions, chairs, high frequently touched surfaces and between each customer visit
    Furthermore, the HKNIA highly recommends that members explore the implementation of the following additional measures:
  10. Instillation of additional air filtration / fresh air ventilation systems to remove viruses from the air and provide additional fresh air supply to staff and guests
  11. Promote use of touch-free / e-payment cashless payment systems
  12. Implementation of digital menus accessed through guests’ personal mobile devices through scanning a QR-code


What do we ask of you (as a member)?

  • Compliance with our Code of Conduct
  • Collaboration with us on media and social campaigns to get our message in front of the eyes of the public and the Government. 
  • Voluntary monetary contribution to a fund for promoting our message – this will be done with complete transparency and on a not-for-profit basis.  
  • Encourage and introduce prospective members to join the association (bars, clubs, and nightlife) 
  • Help each other to beat adversity and help Hong Kong to stay safe

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